A Killer Among Us by Lynette Eason

By Lynette Eason

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The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer

Whilst Milwaukee police entered Jeffrey Dahmer's house in July 1991, they found that for your time this quiet guy have been dwelling amidst the particles of an orgy of killing. Severed heads and human torsos - the latter in various phases of decomposition - have been present in submitting cupboards, bins and the fridge.

The Bay Bulls Standoff

The Mounties don't consistently get their guy. there's a people legend dwelling in Bay Bulls, at the Southern Shore of Newfoundland, by way of the identify of Leo Crockwell. He ranks up there with legends like D. B. Cooper and Albert Johnson, the Mad Trapper of Rat River. this can be the tale of the way Leo Crockwell took on the most respected police forces on the earth, the Royal Canadian fixed Police, and walked away unscathed.

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London’s Criminal Underworlds, c. 1720–c. 1930: A Social and Cultural History

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The fury on her face sent chills through him. Her eyes roved until they lit upon the SWAT member stretched out on top of the van. She raced for the ladder and grasped each rung with a slap that brought her to the top in a flash. ” she screamed. “Why did you shoot? ” Noah hastened up the ladder, not so much worried about Kit as the damage she might do to Brian. And the fact that the dead man’s daughter had broken away from her mother to race to the now silent trailer. Torn between wanting to go after the girl and rescue Brian, Noah motioned for one of the other SWAT members to go after her.

He pursed his lips. “All right. So our victim is a law student. We find a miniature gavel on the floor next to him. Is it his? ” “The lab can run it for prints and see what we come up with. ” She blew out a sigh. “From the size of the wound, I can tell you that Walter was killed with a small-caliber handgun. Probably easy to hide, easy to use. ” Noah answered his own question. ” Noah blew out a sigh. “So we just track down everyone he knows on campus, ask each one where they were between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning, check each story, and find out who’s lying.

He grinned and it was all she could do not to blink at how his face crinkled into attractive lines and crevices. Clearing her throat, she said, “I appreciate it. ” His smile faded. ” “Hmm. ” Inwardly she admitted she’d already figured that out. She took another sip of the coffee and handed him the papers. As he took them, his fingers brushed hers and she jerked. An envelope fell to the desk. While she fought the flush she could feel creeping up into her cheeks, she looked at the envelope.

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