ABC of child abuse by Frank Bamford; Jacqueline Y Q Mok; Donna Rosenberg, MD

By Frank Bamford; Jacqueline Y Q Mok; Donna Rosenberg, MD

The fourth variation of this significant and hugely praised consultant has been considerably revised and up-to-date, supplying concise, useful info on a tricky and distressing quarter of paediatric medication. This new version of the ABC of kid Protection now comprises extra chapters on belly damage, overlook and failure to thrive. It provides the most recent info at the prognosis and research of abuse, and explains the present roles of social prone and the legislation in safeguarding children.

Written via prime paediatricians, psychiatrists, social employees and legal professionals, this finished ebook is a useful reference for execs fascinated about children’s welfare, together with normal practitioners, emergency employees, paediatricians, police surgeons, psychiatrists, healthiness viewers, social staff, and legal professionals

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Carers have injected insulin into intravenous lines, poured medicine into gastrostomy tubes, put nasogastric tubes down into the child’s stomach to administer particularly noxious solutions that the child would not otherwise take, and secreted tablets in their mouth that they have passed on to the child with a kiss. Rectal administration has also been used. Identify the poison first and only then start investigating how the child was given it. 37 If poisoning is suspected the parent should be given every chance to explain how it happened.

Detection of ocular manifestations A complete eye examination, including dilatation of the pupil for retinal examination by an ophthalmologist, is usually indicated whenever physical abuse is suspected in a child under 4 years old. 1 Left periocular ecchymosis and subconjunctival haemorrhage in child who had been beaten with a belt. Although the target was not the child’s eye, the belt “unintentionally” caused the injuries together with hyphema and bruising of the retina (commotio retinae). 1 Ocular signs that could indicate trauma Comment Eyelids Laceration*, ecchymosis Eyeball Ruptured globe* (corneal/ scleral laceration) Conjunctiva Subconjunctival haemorrhage Also from suffocation/ strangulation Cornea Chemical burns, scars Especially when acquired bilaterally Anterior chamber Hyphema Lens Cataract; dislocated lens Vitreous Haemorrhage; detached vitreous base* Retina Haemorrhage, contusion* (Berlin’s oedema, commotio retinae (Fig.

Perhaps the mucosal lining of the eye represents a special site receptive to non-sexual transmission. 4 Subconjunctival haemorrhage in an infant who died as a result of non-accidental suffocation by the parent (cotton swab is being used to hold the eye in position). HIV* Intraocular inflammation, opportunistic retinal infections (for example, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis), optic neuropathy, eye movement disorders Syphilis Intraocular inflammation, retinal vasculitis, optic neuropathy, eye movement disorders, and many other ocular abnormalities Pubic lice† Eyelash infestation Molluscum* Eyelid/periorbital lesions with possible secondary conjunctivitis *Possible non-sexual transmission to eye in non-neonates has been documented.

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