Ace Your Animal Science Project by Robert Gardner

By Robert Gardner

Can you construct a chook feeder that retains squirrels out? the place do earthworms wish to stay? Does colour have an effect on human feelings? research the solutions to those questions and extra with the thrill experiments during this ebook. younger scientists will detect and discover behaviors of animals' interactions with environments. Many experiments contain principles you should use in your technological know-how reasonable.

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Resolution = Information: What you see with increased magnification depends upon the resolution of your scope. Optical resolution is determined by how well the viewing eye can distinguish the individual parts of an object. Most microscope objectives are labeled 4X, 10X, and 40X. Resolution is greatest at 40X, while size and depth of field (the zone that is in focus) are greatest at 4X. To determine how greatly magnified the field of view is, multiply the number inscribed on the eyepiece lens by the number on the objective being used.

Unlike most birds, which defend a wide territory around their nests, cliff swallows build their nests next to one another in colonies, as shown in Figure 11. Emlen wondered whether these birds would defend their nests. Because the swallows looked so much alike, Emlen had to find a way to identify them in his experiment. He crept up close to the colony he was observing. From the top of the cliff, he used a toy water pistol to spray a few drops of quick-drying non-toxic paint on specific birds. He could then use different colors or the different spray patterns to identify them.

Try ringing a bell, whistling a particular tune, tapping a glass with a spoon, or using some other stimulus just before you feed your dog. If the dog is conditioned to another sound, such as the can opener, avoid using that stimulus. Open the can where the dog can’t hear you. Does the new stimulus become a conditioned stimulus for the dog? How long does it take before the dog learns that the stimulus means food is coming? Science Fair Project Idea Use conditioning to train your dog to shake hands, sit, stay, heel, roll over, and fetch the paper.

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