Ace Your Science Project Using Chemistry Magic and Toys by Robert Gardner

By Robert Gardner

Get children attracted to technological know-how whereas making toys and doing magic methods with the original experiments during this booklet. Make a "genie" in a bottle, a flame that jumps, a toy electrical motor, and extra! research chemistry and physics whereas having enjoyable. Many experiments contain high-interest rules to get adolescents desirous about technology festivals. scholars can ace their subsequent technological know-how venture or try utilizing magic and toys!

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The “inks” used in the chemical messages all contained organic compounds (compounds that contain carbon). When these organic substances were heated, they decomposed, leaving primarily carbon, which is a black element. The chemical message in blue appears because the water in the hydrated pink crystals was removed when the paper was heated. What remained on the paper were the clearly visible blue crystals of anhydrous (without water) cobalt chloride (CoCl2). With time, the blue crystals will react with moisture in the air and re-form pink hydrated crystals.

Ask an adult to drill a small hole through the center of the cup. Place the cup on a playing card and press down, covering the hole in the cup with your index finger. Then lift the cup and card together from the table. If you want to add a little showmanship to the act, rub the card a few times and say a few magic words before you lift it. Then invite someone from the audience to lift the card in the same way. It is not likely that they will be able to do so. THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE MAGIC When you place the suction cup on the card, cover the hole in the center of the cup with your index finger and then press down.

You then shake the flask, keeping your hand firmly over the rubber stopper in its neck. The fluid in the bottle suddenly turns blue. The blue color will slowly fade with time. It will return each time you shake it. If you start your program with this scene, you can return to it periodically throughout the show and conclude with it. Put on a pair of plastic or latex gloves. 07 oz) of potassium hydroxide (KOH) to about 400 mL of water. (Potassium hydroxide is a poisonous solid similar to lye. ) Use a spatula or spoon to transfer the potassium hydroxide from its bottle to a weighing paper on the balance.

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