AdvancED Flex 3 by Shashank Tiwari, Elad Elrom

By Shashank Tiwari, Elad Elrom

Leveraging architectural and layout styles -- developing complicated elements -- Turbo-charging information binding -- Tuning purposes for greater functionality -- Flex and AIR: taking functions to the laptop -- Integrating with Java utilizing companies -- Integrating through info and media prone -- personal home page and Flex -- speaking with JavaScript and HTML: web content integration -- Flex mashups -- Migrating internet 1.0 interface to RIA -- Sculpting interactive enterprise intelligence interfaces -- operating with net 2.0 APIs -- Facilitating audio and video streaming -- utilizing 3D in Flex

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The undo and redo features usually come handy, and so it’s advisable to include them. ➥ logicexecution { public interface ICommand { function execute(); function undo(); function redo(); } } A concrete command implements the ICommand interface. The execution logic is defined in the execute function, and the undo and redo logic is defined in the undo and redo functions. A command is invoked by an entity, called an invoker, and a command targets an entity, called a target. The concrete implementation class often references the target because often the execute operation impacts the target directly.

10 LEVERAGING ARCHITECTURAL AND DESIGN PATTERNS Let’s start by studying the principles and steps involved at a high level and then drill down until it becomes clear enough to be applied fruitfully. Our initial discussion here is in the context of fetching the model from multiple alternative sources, but soon we will focus on artifacts like service abstraction, the command, the proxy, and the event bus, which will come in handy for all types of model manipulations and controller interactions. Some of these ideas, like the event bus, will be relevant even when you try to loosely assemble multiple Flex applications under one umbrella, as in a portal.

The invoker is usually the component or artifact that triggers the user or system event that invokes the command. Apart from these there is usually an entity that instantiates the command so that it can be used. 23 CHAPTER 1 Service calls should be made from within the execute, undo, and redo functions of the command, as required. We could refactor our example to include a command. getMedalWinners(); } } } If the situation is overly complex, there might be a case for including a delegate to avoid direct exposure to services from within a command.

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