Afterimage by Jaye Roycraft

By Jaye Roycraft

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Are you surprised? ” She paused. ” “Why are you here for me? ’ ” Emptiness flooded the unblinking blue eyes, causing a shiver to invade the warmth of Marya’s discomfort, and she wondered what, if anything, this creature felt. His eyes shifted again, refocusing on hers. “Apparently not, as I am here. ” His voice was dry, filled with an obvious disdain for his co-workers. No wonder they all hated him. “The reports filed on you indicate quite a strong resistance to the domination of the vampiric mind, even for a descendant of a dhampir.

Well. Listen, Jaime, I know we had our disagreements. a problem I couldn’t talk about. It kept me from doing a lot of the things I wanted to do. ” He broke in. ” “All right. The way I ended things. It wasn’t good, or fair. I admit it. ” She held her breath. He was slow in answering. She heard the small noises in the background. A thump. A nicker. He must be calling from one of the barns. “What about these ‘problems’ of yours? ” Not them. Him. And she had faced him last night and had won. Drago’s image threatened to rise again.

Schooling had given him tools of literacy and knowledge, but it had also bred anger. At his best, Jaime was severe, yet charming. Very, very charming. At his worst, though, he was hard to be around. Sometimes the chip on Jaime’s shoulder was so big as to be nearly visible. Marya frowned, realizing that from Drago’s point of view, last night she had probably sounded like she had a chip on her shoulder, too. Well, if she had, so what? Who cared what a vampire thought? They weren’t human. It irritated her that thoughts of Drago were intruding into her new life.

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