Airbus A340 Flight deck and systems briefing for pilots

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Two ground connectors, power 90 kVA. • DC network supplied via two main Transformer Rectifier Units (TR) (200 A) and one essential TR (100 A). A fourth TR (200 A) is dedicated to APU start or to APU battery charging. GEN 1 GEN 2 APU GEN GEN 3 GEN 4 • Two batteries nominal capacity 37 Ah, 28 V each and one APU battery : - On ground : To provide an autonomous source mainly for APU starting. - In emergency configuration : To feed some equipment during RAT deployment or when CSM/G not operating (BAT 1+2).

DC distribution network • In normal configuration, normal DC systems are split into two networks : DC BUS 1 in parallel with DC BAT BUS and DC BUS 2. • Each DC network is supplied by its own TR. • More specifically, ESS TR systematically feeds DC ESS BUS, which allows a better segregation between DC 1 and DC 2. • Two batteries are connected to the DC BAT BUS via the Battery Charge Limiter (BCL). • Each battery has its own HOT BUS bar (engine/APU fire squib, ADIRS, CIDS, PRIM and SEC computers, slide warnings, parking brake, etc).

TR failure If one TR fails, the other will automatically take over its corresponding DC network via DC BAT BUS, In case of double TR failure : • TR 1 and 2 : DC BUS 1 and DC BUS 2 are lost • TR 1 (or 2) and ESS TR : The remaining TR supplies DC BUS 1 + 2 and DC BAT BUS ; the DC ESS BUS is lost. 5 A340 Electrical System Circuit - breaker monitoring • Circuit-breakers are installed in the avionics bay area below the cockpit. • Circuit-breakers are monitored by the CBMU (CircuitBreaker Monitoring Units) which output the identification and status of each circuit-breaker.

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