Alisa, Alice (Intellect Books - Play Text) by Dragica Potocnjak

By Dragica Potocnjak

This play offers symbolically with the angle of the ecu Union in the direction of refugees. It explores problems with prejudice among small international locations with diversified religions, within the speedy context of an influence dating among a Slovenian and a Bosnian lady.

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But first we must wait for that ending. And then it started all over again. If anyone thinks I’m mad, neka pita moje, let them ask my…my…Oni če poreči. They will deny it, they will say nothing, they will not move a muscle, because they already know everything – everything. Neče se ni okrenuti, jer oni več znaju sve – sve… Ostanite tu, nemojte…molim vas, ostanite tu…Stay with us, do not go away, I beg you not go, stay with us tonight… LEO I would, but my wife won’t let me. ) ‘What do you suppose is the use of a child without any meaning?

LEO That’s what I’m saying, I didn’t know! How could I know? IRENA What are you shouting for? LEO I’m not shouting! I meant when she came in with the pot it wasn’t obvious – so I didn’t know – the girl was so clever. Is it clear now?! Or do I have to go in front of the Grand Inquisition again? MAGDA My God, what an outburst! ) Maybe she’s even too clever. What do you think, Magda? 43 Alisa, Alice IRENA Yes, she’s learned to speak so nicely. How long has she been here then? ) Say Hello to Vladimir if he comes?

You know everything about me. You’ve got such control over me I’d have to be a flea to hide from you. IRENA You could always find an opportunity. LEO Is this self-criticism? ) 31 Alisa, Alice IRENA If you light up now, we’re definitely finished! I’m not traipsing about with you to all the doctors! ) Go ahead and smoke. IRENA With cancer of the lungs? MAGDA Oh my God! ) I haven’t got… IRENA You’re going to get it though! ) You should hear how he coughs in bed at night, I can’t sleep a wink! LEO Move to the living room!

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