Ape's Face by Marion Fox

By Marion Fox

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It may have been a long space, or a short, as time goes, when I said a 42 prayer and undid the door. The door opened inwards. As I drew it towards me the figure of a man kneeling crouched against it fell forward at my feet. I lifted him up as well as I was able for the weight of his body, and dragged it into the light of my lantern. It was indeed the younger brother, but he was quite dead, with the blood pouring out of him from many wounds—out upon the pavement of the porch, down the steps into the church.

Very like you have a fair shape also, but I hear only your fair voice; but if you have not a fair shape it is sure that few will look for kindness in you and ask it of you. Yet you will give it. You have given already; I have heard and I know. You are willing to cross from your side of life to mine if only you may put your prayer into deeds. It was not so with me. I was blind at the beginning and afraid at the end. Hence is it not well my name should perish, and I become as though I had never been?

Godfrey and Arthur are taking Mr Armstrong to see the church,’ she said. ’ said he absently, ‘I think I will come too. ’ ‘No, no, of course not,’ he answered hurriedly; ‘no, decidedly I think I had better go with them,’ and he rambled out of the room, ostensibly to get his hat, on which quest Armstrong followed him. The four men assembled in the hall, but Mr Morton still had no hat. He came out on to the doorstep with them; looking with an unseeing eye upon the clouds, and then shot back again into the house, saying: ‘I think I had better sit with your Aunt Ellen,’ during which time he gazed abstractedly at Armstrong.

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