Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the by Jalaja Bonheim

By Jalaja Bonheim

Incorporating a wide array of women's voices and relationships, including historical goddess archetypes, this specified quantity takes an intimate examine the transformative energy of women's sexual experiences. unique. 25, 000 first printing".

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Once they had pierced the barrier of silence, they often marveled at the flow of insight and healing that followed. The process of telling their personal stories and of mulling over their meaning helped them distill the precious essence of feminine spirit and wisdom. As women began to talk, I would see them struggling to emerge out of an ancient wordlessness. I would watch them molding their language as a sculptor molds her clay, often shifting from hard prose to a more poetic language, a language of images, metaphors and symbols.

Entrapped in the cultural prejudice that would deny mothers (and large women) their sexuality, I saw only the plump, kind housewife and the passionate mother. One morning, while I was staying at Roseanne’s house for a few days, I told her I was planning to write a book based on women’s sexual stories. “I will tell you my story,” Roseanne announced cheerfully. I was surprised and a little taken aback. Roseanne had attended one of my workshops, and we were just beginning to become friends. Still, I knew little about her, and what I knew led me to believe that she had fairly little sexual experience.

Like a rocket shooting out beyond the earth’s gravitational field, earthly pleasure then crosses over into heavenly joy, and sexual union blossoms into sacred communion. The ancient Greeks did not worship Aphrodite merely for her flirtatious beauty and her power to infuse us with sexual desire. Rather, they recognized sexual energy as a sacred mystery and a guide to inner knowledge. Sex was, in their eyes, a universal, primordial form of sacred power. To them, Aphrodite embodied that mysterious pull that draws all creatures toward the threshold between the worlds, the Great Gateway, where spirit enters into material form, where inspiration is received and the spark of life is transmitted.

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