Automatic Diatom Identification (Series in Machine by Hans Du Buf, Micha M Bayer

By Hans Du Buf, Micha M Bayer

First e-book to accommodate automated diatom identity. offers the required history info pertaining to diatom examine, valuable for either diatomists and non-diatomists.

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Once back in the laboratory, the samples are subjected to preparation methods as described in the next chapter and standard slides are made. If stored in a properly curated herbarium, these provide a permanent record of conditions at a site that can be reanalyzed in the future if necessary. The literature concerning the use of diatoms for pollution monitoring in running waters was reviewed recently by Prygiel et al. (1998) and Kelly (2002); the discussion in this chapter will be limited to three particular case studies which reveal the potential value of diatoms to aid environmental decision-making.

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