Bacterial Fish Pathogens: Disease of Farmed and Wild Fish by Brian Austin, Dawn A. Austin

By Brian Austin, Dawn A. Austin

This revised variation fills the necessity for an updated finished booklet at the organic points of the bacterial taxa which reason illness in fish. because the third variation used to be released in 1999, a lot has replaced within the regulate of disorder of farmed and wild fish. This booklet analyses all of the new info, together with that on new pathogens and new advancements on lengthy tested ailments, akin to furunculosis and vibriosis. attention is given to all the bacterial taxa that have at it slow been pronounced as fish pathogens, whether or not they are secondary invaders of already broken tissue or critical, basic pathogens.

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Edwardsiella ictaluri Although Edw. A. (Iwanowicz et ai, 2006). A. to include cultured striped catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) in Sumatra, Indonesia (Yuasa et al, 2003) and catfish in Vietnam (Crumlish et al, 2002). It is apparent that there is a great variability in the clinical signs associated with the disease. Just prior to death, the fish may hang listlessly in an almost vertical position at the water surface, spin rapidly in circles, or exhibit spiral swimming. External signs, often absent in fish over 15 cm in length, include the presence of petechial (pin-prick) haemorrhages on the skin in the vicinity of the throat and mouth, pale gills, exophthalmia and open lesions on the head, particularly on the frontal bone of the skull between the eyes and on the lateral body surface.

During 1997, BKD was demonstrated for the first time in Denmark (Lorenzen et ai, 1997). Workers have highUghted the presence of the disease in farmed salmonid stocks but only occasionally has it been found in wild fish populations (Rucker et aL, 1951, 1953; Smith, 1964; Pippy, 1969; Evelyn et aL, 1973; Wood, 1974; Ellis et aL, 1978; Paterson et aL, 1979, 1981; Mitchum and Sherman, 1981; Banner et aL, 1986). The presence of BKD in Japanese farmed ayu from April to July 2001, possibly reflecting horizontal transmission from masu salmon, has been documented (Nagai and lida, 2002).

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