Bactine by Paul Kater

By Paul Kater

A steampunk sci-fi tale in regards to the adventures of a soldier in intergalactic provider, after being shipped off to a really awesome planet. crusing is not really an analogous again...

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Instead of being helpful however, the numbers and graphs obstructed his vision. He blamed that for missing the lower cable so often: the jumps in his eye distracted him. "What's the problem, Daniel? " Daniel reported what bothered him. "Damn. You're one of those," Burt said. " Daniel grinned to himself as he considered his situation. He'd never been squeamish, but he was certain that this would have made him feel lousy in a matter of seconds, in his old physical state. A few minutes later Daniel heard Burt's voice again.

Soirée (3) 26. Under sail again 27. Walking the plank 28. You're out 29. Need job, will sail 30. Where Flish went wrong 31. Action, where are you? 32. No music and bars 33. Shipyard 34. Strange Aldrick 35. Getting ready 36. Airship 37. It's dangerous 38. Win one, lose one 39. Missing 40. Daniel Detective 41. Senator Sygra Dirrit ko Asac 42. Kitty cat 43. Blood shed 44. An unexpected encounter 45. Investigations 46. When things blow up 47. Another shed 48. The cellar 49. Guerilla 50. The start of things 51.

His younger brother had been the one that got the good jobs, the girls, the money and- bloody everything. Daniel could almost hear the sneering voice: "Military eh? Now look what that got you. " Daniel walked over to the small view port in his cabin and looked out over the barren environment. The planetoid that the military base was housed on was only a clump of rock. There was some air outside, but not enough for normal people. Not for the kind he had been. After a good stare at the never changing landscape, Daniel pounded his fist against the wall and fell on his bed again.

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