BATMAN WIDENING GYRE #4 Of 6 by Kevin Smith, Walter Flanaga; Art Thibert

By Kevin Smith, Walter Flanaga; Art Thibert

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Bad news has come,” he opined to Everard. “Only rumors, I’m sure, but truth hard on their heels. ” Yet everyday life went on. It always does, somehow, till the jaws close shut upon it. Between buildings generally blank-fronted but often vividly painted, people thronged the streets. Wagons, beasts of burden, porters, women balancing water jugs or market baskets on their heads, maneuvered among artisans, laborers, household slaves. A wealthy man in a litter, an officer on horseback, once a war elephant and its mahout, thrust straight through, leaving bow waves and wakes of human turbulence.

D. 1138 α A. D. 1137 A. D. 1989 α A. D. 18,244 B. C. 1989 β A. D. 1137 A. D. 1146 A. D. 1245 β A. D. 1146 A. D. 1990 A. D. D. Maybe returning to New York on the day after he left it had been a mistake. Even here, just now, the springtime was too beautiful. A dusk like this was not one in which to sit alone, remembering. Rain had cleared the air for a while, so that through open windows drifted a ghost of blossoms and green. Lights and noises from the streets below were somehow softened, turned riverlike.

Actually it meant a great deal. Guion wanted to spend lifespan on him. “Suppose we get the basic talking out of the way first. ” The request given, he went to the bar and mixed Scotch and soda for both. Guion didn’t object to his pipe. He settled down. “Let me repeat my congratulations on your accomplishments in Phoenicia,” his caller said. ” “True. But it had first-class leadership. ” Everard demanded. “My debriefing was pretty damn thorough. You must have seen the records. ” Guion stared into his lifted glass, as if the ice cubes were Delphic dice.

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