Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson: All And Everything: 1st by G. I. Gurdjieff

By G. I. Gurdjieff

With Beelzebub's stories to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff meant to "destroy, mercilessly . . . the ideals and perspectives approximately every little thing current within the world." This novel superbly brings to existence the visions of humanity for which Gurdjieff has turn into esteemed. Beelzebub, a guy of worldly (and other-worldly) knowledge, stocks along with his grandson the anecdotes, own philosophies, and classes discovered from his personal life.The reader is given an in depth dialogue of all issues actual, typical, and non secular, from the production of the cosmos to man's teleological function within the universe. This variation of Beelzebub's stories to His Grandson--the first single-volume paperback to seem in English--restores the unique, authoritative translation.

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The first of these three data, from the moment of its arising, became as it were the chief directing lever of my entire whole, while the other two became the "vivifying sources" for the nourishing and perfecting of the first. " My dear, now deceased, grandmother was then still alive and was a hundred and some years old. When my grandmother-may she attain the Kingdom of Heaven-was dying, my mother, as was then the custom, took me to her bedside and, as I kissed her right hand, my dear grandmother placed her dying left hand on my head and said in a whisper, yet very distinctly: "Eldest of my grandsons!

This process, it seems, is also quieting down, and in the depths of my consciousness-let us say meanwhile even of my "subconscious"-there is beginning to arise everything required to assure me that it will cease entirely; for I have just remembered another fragment oflife wisdom, which leads me to understand that if indeed I acted against the advice of the highly esteemed Mullah Nasr Eddin, I nevertheless did so without premeditation according to the principle of that extremely engaging-not widely known on Earth, yet unforgettable by anyone who once met him -that precious nugget, Karapet of Tiftis.

Thereupon the salesman, putting on the "oleaginous" face proper to all salesmen, replied that indeed the book cost only forty-five kopecks, but had to be sold for sixty because fifteen kopecks were added for postage. At this reply our Russian merchant was greatly perplexed by these two quite contradictory but obviously reconcilable facts, and something visibly began to proceed in him; and gazing up at the ceiling he again began to ponder, this time 34 BEELZEBUB'S TALES TO HIS GRANDSON like an English professor who has just invented a capsule for castor oil; then, suddenly turning to his friend, he delivered himself for the first time on Earth of the verbal formulation which, expressing in its essence an indubitable objective truth, has since assumed the character of a proverb.

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