Biology and ecology of anguillid eels by Takaomi Arai

By Takaomi Arai

Anguillid eels have interested biologists for hundreds of years as a result of their superb long-distance migrations among freshwater habitats and their spawning parts a long way out within the ocean. This e-book presents a protracted past due replace at the biology and ecology of anguillid eels and contours finished assurance of the major good points of the genus Anguilla. It covers a large spectrum of themes at the biology (taxonomy, phylogeny, evolution, replica, feeding, salinity model) and ecology (life background, recruitment, migration) of anguillid eels. It additionally brings jointly vital details at the country of eel fisheries, conservation, exploitation, and management.

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Six hypothesized Anguilla eel dispersal routes are proposed: (1) Tethys Sea route: the ancestor of Atlantic eels passed through the Tethys Sea to current locations; (2) Cape of Good Hope route: the ancestor invaded the Atlantic Ocean via the southern tip of Africa; (3) Central American Isthmus route: the ancestor moved eastward in the Pacific Ocean and across the Central American gateway to the north Atlantic Ocean; (4) Arctic route: the ancestor migrated through the Arctic Ocean to the north Atlantic Ocean (Fig.

In both of the foregoing studies, however, dispersal modes based on phylogenetic inferences seem to be mere conjectures. Dissimilarities in these inferences result from differences in sampling completeness, genetic markers, methods for restructuring phylogeny, and the authors’ favorite hypotheses. Anguilla eels have been found in Europe from the Eocene epoch (Ypresian, about 50–55 Mya) according to fossil records (Patterson 1993). The evolutionary history of Anguilla can be traced back to 50 Mya.

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