Biology of the Antarctic Seas XXI by Louis S. Kornicker

By Louis S. Kornicker

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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine Series.


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Plate8. ) a. Anterior end, dorsal view. b. Anterior end, lateral view. c. Firstparapodium,anteriorview. d. Third parapodium,anteriorview. e. Twenty-fifthparapodium,anteriorview. fi Branchiatemedianparapodium. g. Distalendof hooksfrom thefirst'parapodium. h. Pectinate 44 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC A specimenreported by Hartman [1967a] as Northria near conchylega(sampleELT*/394) was reexaminedby Fauchald(who relabeledit as Paradiopatraabranchiata)and by myselfand was found to be A. Its reexamination showedfeatures characteristicof Anchinothriain the shapeof subacicular hooks,dorsalcirri, andparapodiallobes.

Iberica (Hartmann-Schr6der)to be synonymsof P. ehlersi (Mcintosh). Fauchald's[1982b]studyof the typematerialsof manyspeciesalsoshowedthe closerelations betweentheseforms,whichintegratea groupof eight speciesthat were not discriminated in his cladogram [see Fauchald, 1982b, Figure 19]. I believe with Kucheruk [1978] that all Antarctic and Subantarctic specimens knownto datebelongto a singlespecies. Distribution. Deepwaters(2433-5430 m; average, 4072 m; n = 47) of all Antarcticand Subantarcticsectors (Chart 5C).

96, pl. --Averincev, 1972, p. 179. Notonuphisantarctica;Kucheruk,1978, p. 91, figs. --Hartmann-SchrOder,1986,p. --Paxton, 1986b,p. 35, figs. 21a-21h. Material examined. ELTA4/138 (2), ELTA6/419 (11), ELTA6/426 (several hundred), ELTA6/428 (severalhundred),ELTA6/432 (7), ELTA6/444 (17), ELTA7/539 (1), ELTA12/997 (53), ELTA12/1002 (several), ELTA12/1078 (4), ELTA12/1079 (8), ELTA12/1082 (24), HERO833/17-1 (2), HERO833/ 18-1 (2), ORCA876/115 (5). Other records. AKNI/88, AKNI/123, AKNI/135, AKNI/156, DISC/177, ELT*/138, ELT*/407, ELT*/ 410, ELT*/413, ELT*/418, ELT*/426, ELT*/428, ELT*/432, ELT*/441, ELT*/538, ELT*/539, ELT*/ 996, ELT*/997, ELT*/1078, ELT*/1079, ELT*/1082, ELT*/1084, ELT*/1089, ELT*/1078, ELT*/1079, ELT*/1082, ELT*/1084, ELT*/1089, METE56/242, OBRV/460, ?

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