Biomass for energy, industry and environment: 6th EC by G. Grassi, A. Collina, H. Zibetta

By G. Grassi, A. Collina, H. Zibetta

Lawsuits of the overseas convention on Biomass for power, and surroundings held in Athens, Greece, 22-26 April 1991.

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Autrefois, quand on se servait de chevaux pour assurer les travaux agricoles, on ne taxait pas les fourrages destinés à leur alimentation. 12% des terres agricoles servaient alors à produire ces fourrages. Aujourd’hui, 7% de la SAU suffiraient aux besoins énergétiques des exploitations agricoles. Dans les pays en voie de développement, les besoins en énergie sont croissants. Il est nécessaire de fournir à ces pays des technologies pour qu’ils produisent leurs propres energies à partir de leurs matières premières agricoles ou forestières (oléagineux, par exemple).

In the near future, demand is likely to be, primarily, for such high density chemical fuels rather than the low grade heat, mechanical power or electricity provided by the other renewable Biomass for energy, industry and environment 26 energy technologies. Because of this capacity to provide storable chemical fuels, biomass can also be used in a non-renewable manner. Much of the developing world is suffering, at present, a severe ‘energy crisis’ as firewood has been used at a rate far in excess of its regeneration, and natural forests have been depleted.

In this forecast they forgot the water power and the biomass, which have still a bigger share than 3%. We can not only tell others, that biomass is the most important element of renewable sources of energy in the next decade, if we do not stop to practise exemples. In Steromark, a state of the Republik of Austria, biomass has a share of 16% in the overall energy supply. What is possible in Steromerk, is possible in whole Europe. If 16% is possible now in Steromerk, 20% is possible in Europe and abroad.

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