Blood Oath (Babylon 5, Book 3) by John Vornholt

By John Vornholt

While a ruthless ambassador is assassinated, protection leader Garibaldi and Commander Susan Ivanova subscribe to the victim's enraged assistant Na'Toth in a look for the killer, basically to discover themselves the goals of a blood oath.

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We only have three decks, and we have to pass through all of them to get to the quarters. As you can see, we put a troop transport here on the top deck by the outer hatch, allowing armed troops to exit first. Outside this hatch is an access tube, and you'll have to use the lad-der. " They followed the captain into the access tube, only to see him grasp the handrail of the ladder and leap down through a hatch in the deck, landing smartly on the top rung. Al Vemon rushed to take the position behind the captain, bombarding him with questions.

With frightening sameness, Street V'Tar stretched down a hill until it was mercifully swallowed in darkness. Mi'Ra shivered, knowing this drained section of the bor-der zone was her home, worse than a plebian's. " she called into the wind, wondering where her lazy brother, T'Kog, was hiding now. T'Kog was a grave disappointment to her, and she found she was wast-ing too much energy keeping him focused on theShon'Kar. He still acted as if life was going to change, get better of its own accord, and she knew it was not.

Look at all the places this guy has been—Centauri Prime, Mars, Antareus, Betelguese Four, not to mention ten years on the Narn Homeworld. Look here and here—there are a lot of gaps where we don't know where he's been. If you take this man with you, he'll have to be your responsibility. " "Yes, sir," Garibaldi answered gravely, wondering if he was taking leave of his senses. He had absolutely no reason to trust Al Vernon, just a hunch that providence had dealt him a trump card in a plaid sportcoat.

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