Bound for Australia (Time Machine, No 20) by Nancy Bailey

By Nancy Bailey

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Banks have decided to spend today visiting the natives of the region, and you’re going along to take notes for Banks. About a mile from the ship you find a few huts made of bark slabs. In front of one of them is a still-smoking fire with some mussels cooking in the coals—but there’s no one tending it. Is that someone whispering in the eucalyptus trees? It seems to be, but when you turn to look, the sound dies away. ” murmurs Cook. ” It’s a very simple dwelling. A few pots lie on the floor. Stacked up against one wall is a bunch of lances—each about ten feet long, tipped with fishbones and covered with something sticky and green.

Maybe, though, Sam Gibson’s desertion holds a clue. He wasn’t able to desert here—but maybe he’ll be more successful another time. Perhaps he’ll try again in Australia and become the first Australian settler! Should you jump ahead to see what becomes of him? Or should you stay with Captain Cook’s expedition? Click here. Continue on with the expedition. Click here. 38 T he Endeavor gives another wrenching lurch. ” a sailor yells at you. He’s right—you’re not helping. You decide to go back below decks.

It’s a beautiful spot. Incredible numbers of birds are swooping and diving around you, their calls like chimes. Through the trees you can see the Pacific sparkling in the sun. But in front of you is a less pretty sight. A family of Maoris, as the natives of this island are called is feasting on some kind of raw meat. Their faces are smeared with blood, and bones—big bones—lie scattered where they’ve tossed them. ” Cook asks again. At last one man looks up. “Some of our enemies rowed into this cove five days ago,” he says, wiping his mouth on his arm.

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