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It is large, and its venom is fastacting, capable of killing most prey in 15 minutes. SCORPIONS 30 species of spiders have truly dangerous venom. 1 DETECTS THE PREY Scorpions are grouped in six families, the most important being the Buthidae because it contains the most dangerous species for the potency of their venom. The flat form of their bodies helps them hide under rocks, tree bark, and various kinds of debris. Scorpions have nocturnal habits. Cannibalism is common among scorpions, especially after copulation.

Apiculture seeks to promote natural production processes in order to make use of these substances for human benefit. The Bee's Work 1 This space acts as an air chamber and prevents the sugar super from coming into contact with the exterior. of honey IS STORED INSIDE A HIVE SO THE BEES CAN SURVIVE THE WINTER. SUPER is the name given to each detachable module. The upper ones are the sugar supers, and the lower ones are used to raise the young. MOVABLE FRAMES Each super has about 10 movable frames that are attached to a burr comb with a hexagonal pattern.

On each side there is a chelicera that tears, crushes, or bites the food. 1 SARCOPTES MITE The Sarcoptes scabei is a tiny mite that lives under the corneal layer of the epidermis in passages that the female makes in the skin, where she lays her eggs. Between 10 and 14 days later these eggs become adult sarcoptes mites. The presence of this mite under the skin produces intense itching, which can be severe and which can worsen at night. There are special creams and lotions to treat this infection.

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