Building Comprehension - Grade 9 by Ellen M Dolan

By Ellen M Dolan

Attractive tales masking well-known figures, activities personalities and occasions, mysteries, mess ups, legends and mythology, and striking evidence in technological know-how and nature carry scholars curiosity and catch their imaginations. A managed vocabulary averaging clarity degrees under content material guarantees realizing and promotes self assurance. Follow-up questions make stronger key comprehension abilities.

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Each new research project needed glass equipment with a new shape or design. Because of this, scientific glassblowing became a highly specialized field. In fact, scientific glassblowing has played an important role in scientific discovery, including the creation of Galileo’s thermometer and Thomas Edison’s light bulb. Scientific glass was also needed for the vacuum tubes seen in early radios, TVs, and computers. Today, scientific glassblowing contributes to research and advancement in fiber optics, lasers, and atomic and subatomic particles.

This story tells about a a. difficult building project. b. group of gold-seekers. c. band of explorers. 4. The Golden Gate Bridge is a. near New York City. b. on the Mississippi River. c. near San Francisco Bay. When was the bridge built? a. over seventy-five years ago b. in the early 1500s c. during the gold rush © Milliken Publishing Company A pedestrian is someone who a. builds bridges b. climbs mountains c. goes on foot 5. Do you think the bridge was built properly? Yes, it is still there after more than seventyfive years.

Thomas Edison’s thermometer. 3. Scientific glassblowers do NOT work for a. large companies. farmers. researchers. In a scientific glassblower’s work, he or she might design a. a glass tray for baking silicon microchips. b. wine goblets and other beautiful objects. a glass door which would lock from the inside. 29 MP3393 The Knighthood of Roland (Adapted from a French medieval tale) A young knight, Alory, asked to be in the first division. He had been born in France and thought he should be one of the first to save his native country.

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