Byzantine Jewry: From Justinian to the Fourth Crusade by Andrew Sharf

By Andrew Sharf

This booklet describes intimately the vicissitudes of Jewish lifestyles within the jap Mediterranean region, displaying how Jews have been tormented by the political, non secular, and monetary turmoil of the days. Sharf bargains a hyperlink among the better-known background of the Jews of the Roman Empire and that of the Greek and Turkish groups of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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The reason it gave was that the Mishna did not belong to the scriptures and was not divinely inspired. It was but the work of men and thus could only mislead. Similarly, the first instruction was meant to prevent misleading explanations of the Pentateuch if read out in a language which the majority of the congregation could not easily follow. Justinian himself claimed that he was settling a Jewish dispute on this very point, though the only evidence are his own words in the preamble to the novel.

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