Causes of Exclusion by Ced Cullingford

By Ced Cullingford

This document synthesizes techniques to a topical challenge: the worry with social deviancy and crime which specializes in failure; and examine on academic improvement which specializes in good fortune. The booklet explores how environmental reviews (including parenting and bullying) play a task.

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2 But the connection is a far more subtle one. There are consequences of many kinds for children of divorced parents. 3 The children of divorced parents are likely to have lower qualifications, are likely to have more difficult relationships, are more likely to become single parents and are more likely to suffer divorce themselves. But these results are to do with difficulties, with the psychological effects of divorce. They are not a simple conclusion that divorce leads to crime. 4 On the surface, divorce is a simple quantifiable variable.

But it is not. Why? There are many reasons for this, and none have anything to do with a theory of complicity. Just as in the nature of criminality, there are certain circumstances, linked to human nature, that make such mistakes seem inevitable, even if they are unnecessary. There are, in a sense, ‘good’ reasons for the denial of evidence. One is, quite simply, modesty felt at the thought that there might be such a thing as valid and reliable evidence in a subject as complex as human nature. In the pure sciences it is possible to go on refining experiments and deductively proving them by repetition so that something verifiable emerges.

Listening to experience: semi-structured interviews There is only one way to do this, and that is through the insights afforded by the people themselves. It seems strange in this post-post-modernist time to have to point this out, and yet the richest source of information is often neglected. It is as if we have not learned to listen, or even recognized the importance of listening. This is partly because of a strong suspicion that people might not be telling the truth, and that they have no insights into their own lives.

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