Cilia, Ciliated Epithelium, and Ciliary Activity by José A. Rivera, P. Alexander and Z. M. Bacq (Auth.)

By José A. Rivera, P. Alexander and Z. M. Bacq (Auth.)

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The effect of eserine and di-isopropyl fluorophosphate (DFP) on the activity of cilia was observed. These investigations showed that at very low concentration the anticholinesterases tried slowed the mobility of Tetrahymena and also slowed the ciliary rate on the frog esophagus. Their observations disclosed that the inhibitory action of these drugs was reversed by washing, that they did not affect the rates of anaerobic glucose utilization or of oxidative phosphorylation, that these compounds reversibly inhibited ciliary activity of both the frog esophagus and clam gill, and, finally, that co-ordinated ciliary action was dependent upon acetylcholinesterase activity.

It is highly probable that the principle of drainage is the same independent of animal species. " In their observations, these workers found 42 CILIARY ACTIVITY that the normal respiratory tract is lined throughout with a film of mucus.

He found the direction of the ciliary motion to be, "flat, lateralspiral, so arranged that there was but little tension from conflicting currents in the film of mucin", and that there existed a speed-gradient of fairly uniform acceleration. The mechanism by which the acceleration is effected was not determined. The experiments carried out on the frontal sinus of 27 dogs are comparable to the experiments conducted on the maxillary sinus of monkeys by Lucas [703]. Both of these investigators coincided in their observation that there is a similar spiral drainage of mucus.

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