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The learn-by-doing option to grasp Trigonometry Why CliffsStudySolver publications? select the identify you recognize and belief Get the data you need--fast! Written by way of academics and academic experts Get the concise overview fabrics and perform you must examine Trigonometry, together with: causes of All parts and rules * Angles and quadrants * Graphs of trigonometric capabilities * Trigonometry of triangles * Trigonometric identities * Vectors * Polar coordinates and complicated numbers * Inverse services, equations, and movement Strategic examine Aids * transparent, concise stories of each subject * precis of formulation * desk of trigonometric services * thesaurus * fabrics designed for prime college and school scholars Problem-Solving procedure and instruments * Diagnostic pretest to pinpoint components that desire additional research * perform questions after each chapter--with solutions and motives * Full-length perform examination with evaluation options for questions you omit We take nice notes--and make studying a snap greater than Notes! CliffsAP? CliffsComplete? CliffsQuickReview? CliffsStudySolver CliffsTestPrep?

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Do not use a calculator. 1. How many seconds are there in a 5° angle? answer: 18,000 There are 60 minutes in one degree, and 60 seconds in each of those minutes. That’s for one degree: 60 × 60 = 3600 For 5 degrees, multiply it by 5: 2. 8° to the nearest ten thousandth (four decimal places). 0295. 0650 3. 7771? 5° 48 CliffsStudySolver Trigonometry Work Problems Use these problems to give yourself additional practice. 1. How many seconds are there in a 30° angle? 2. 7° to the nearest ten thousandth (four decimal places).

23 Chapter 1: Trigonometric Ideas y II I O x -30° S III IV A fourth quadrant negative angle. Notice that the fourth quadrant angle in the above figure, if measured counterclockwise, would have measured 330°. Can you see why? Moving counterclockwise, it would have been 30° shy of a full 360° rotation. y II I 270° O III x IV A quadrantal angle. When an angle is in standard position, and its terminal side coincides with one of the axes, it is referred to as a quadrantal angle. Angles of 90°, 180°, and 270° are three examples of quadrantal angles.

Sin z This is a tangible proof of the tan z = ratio identity. cos z Alas, not all standard angles terminate in the first quadrant. Look at these three angles: y y y P(-x,y) r φ 0 φ 0 x x φ 0 P(x,-y) P(-x,-y) (a) x r r (b) (c) Angles terminating in quadrants other than I: (a) Angle terminating in II; (b) Angle terminating in III; (c) Angle terminating in IV y In all four quadrants, the value of r is positive. In quadrant II, only sine is positive d r n , while y cosine b -rx l and tangent d - x n are negative.

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