Competitive quality and innovations by Pierre Maillard

By Pierre Maillard

The objective of this ebook is to give new caliber practices tailored to the specifics of innovation strategies to be able to elevate their probabilities of luck whereas additionally facilitating aid of the creators who're usually do away with by way of the restrictions of conventional caliber administration equipment. those practices are utilized in companies of all sizes who don't need to broadcast in this topic as they're on the heart of the criteria that cause them to competitive.  those caliber ways, that are particular to every innovation technique, relaxation on a typical methodological platform that's on the center of this book.

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They must only focus on those actions which make the best possible use of the specific production mechanisms for “quality” within the innovation process and prevent them from hindering the creativity which is at the heart of its added value. The specialist’s role is to design and implement a quality process which is integrated into the innovation process, providing it with the most effective support to help it achieve economic success. However, the information produced by this quality process can help improve the performance of the innovation process as it proceeds or when it is reproduced, when the configuration of the production system is redefined.

As a consequence, the human resources of these processors are mainly of variable structures and are made available to the project manager. At any moment, he may need the opinion of the collaborators participating in the creative research program. This project manager leads the feasibility studies by also entering onto the “territory” of the design team in order to ensure optimal use of the added value produced by the innovation process. He reports to the company management which requested the feasibility study and provides information to those responsible for the design and industrialization in the future.

5. Feasibility studies in the innovation process The Innovation Concept 9 These studies attempt to anticipate how to capitalize on opportunities, and how to account for restrictions, in order to achieve the socioeconomic objectives which justify the investments to be made. It is essential to anticipate the ways that the innovation could be used in the future in order to prevent directors from leaving the innovation “on the shelf”. Some stages of the innovation process are in the field of organization, and they are the following: The organizational stages are the following: – building a processor responsible for carrying out the innovation process and an external communication network; – creating a rationale to aid decision-making, which examines the probable socioeconomic impacts of implementing the innovation; – designing prototypes of the production and distribution systems for the products and services; – creating a rationale to aid decision-making, which details the feasibility of implementing the innovation; – examining the steps to take to ensure the intellectual protection of the innovation.

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