computer application for engineering by Rajiv Khanna

By Rajiv Khanna

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Take the next hexadecimal digit and write its equivalent binary number on the left hand side of the previous binary number. Repeat the process till you reach most significant digit of the hexadecimal number. The number obtained in this way will be binary equivalent number of the given hexadecimal number. For example, if (A6) 16 is a hexadecimal number. To convert this number into binary number, get the Binary equivalent of 6 and A from above mentioned table and write them in same sequence. In this way, you will get the number (10100110) 2 .

Name any three places, where computers can be used? Draw a block diagram of computer and label its component. Describe the role of keyboard and mouse in computer? What are the fundamental similarity and differences between them? Name any two output devices. What is the role of memory in computer? Name any two medium, which serve the purpose of permanent memory. What do you understand by logical operations? Which part of computer performs arithmetic and logical operations? Describe the term hardware and software.

Note that data does not get continuously written on the tape. It gets recorded in blocks. There remains a gap (blank space) between the two blocks. This block is called Inter Block Gap or IBG in short. 11. 11 Magnetic Cartridge Tape Drive Like magnetic tape drive, magnetic cartridge tape drive is also an Input/Output unit, which records the data on tape. Cartridge tape drives are much smaller in size than magnetic tape drives. They do not store the data on spool tapes. They store it on cartridge tapes.

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