Conscious Love: Insights from Mystical Christianity by Richard Smoley

By Richard Smoley

Notwithstanding love is a perennial subject for writers of all types, a lot of what's written aboutlove is simplistic and unsatisfying. In unsleeping Love , Richard Smoley—an professional at the esoteric traditions of mystical Christianity—incorporates insights and knowledge approximately love from famous thinkers in literature, paintings, philosophy, sociology, cultural feedback, or even neurology. This striking ebook deals a blueprint for infusing wakeful love into human relationships.

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If a man wishes only to have sex with her, Amy can, if she wishes, easily reject him for a man who is willing to marry her. And if the man wishing to marry her is less handsome, less intelligent, or less likely to be financially successful, 02/20/07 29 12:07pm 29 Smoley-c02-3 30 Conscious Love Amy can choose the rival. 9 Citing a study by two other sociologists, Marcia Guttentag and Paul F. Second, Wilson describes how sex ratios are likely to affect social mores: When there is a high sex ratio—that is, when there are many more men than women—marriage will be commonplace and cohabitation will be rare, women will play more traditional roles, and children will be raised in two-parent families.

Undoubtedly some were, but there are indications in the inner Christian tradition that something else may have been afoot. Taking agapetae may have been intended to achieve the much discussed but little understood process of transmuting sexual energy. The esoteric anatomies of many spiritual traditions place the locus of sexual energy, naturally, near the genitals. Some say it 02/20/07 12:07pm 46 Smoley-c02-3 Beyond the Equation resides in what the Chinese call the tan-t’ien center, located in the abdomen some five fingerwidths below the navel; others say it lies coiled at the base of the spine, where it is known in Sanskrit as kundalini.

Indeed, Fein and Schneider make no claim to originality. ) There is clearly some underlying dynamic here, one we are usually not aware of, even though we seem to hew to it like subjects of a totalitarian state. One clue to the power of these strategies may lie in demonstrating value. ’’6 What appears to be going on in courtship, not only in the gritty singles scene that is the sarger’s domain but in the daintier world of Rules-based dating, is a fastidiously precise hierarchical ranking. You demonstrate your own value while downplaying that of your desired mate, thus implying that he or she would be lucky to get you and had better jump at the chance.

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