Continuous flow manufacturing : quality in design and by Pierre C. Guerindon

By Pierre C. Guerindon

This paintings offers the elemental rules of continuing circulate production, furnishing a company technique and set of working principles that aid create an atmosphere the place non-stop stream production can flourish. A 10-step technique for changing a standard manufacturing facility to a continual move operation is supplied, and traditional production innovations are in comparison with the continual stream process.

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A simple rack with lifting devices to an Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). The level of automation is not important. What is critical is that the sequencers have intelligence. Sequencer intelligence creates flow and synchronizes it between processes. The logic is created by software located in the area computer. This software commands the sequencers and regulates movement of material through the mini-factory. The functionalities willbereviewed with systems in Chapter 7. 1. Sequencersregulateflow A sequencer regulates flow in the shop like a dam regulates flow in a river.

At the time, we werefocusedon automation and were not perceptive enough to see the revolutionary concepts underlying the operations. But after many visits and much analysis, the truthbegan to reveal itself. We realized that flexible machines and automated equipment are just one element of an efficient and profitable manufacturing operation. Equally important are thetopics covered in this chapter: layout, flow, computer-controlled material handling, integration of logistics, systems that regulate flow, process control, supplier relationships, employee motivation, and more.

We call this “first in, first out” processing. It requires flexible automation which will be described in Chapter 6. The flexibility makes it possible for the machinery to process parts in any order. Many different parts must be processed during a day. With flexible automation, the sequence in which they arrive at the process has very little effect on the timing of their completion. First in, first out processing can becompared to the take-off process onan airport runway. All jets get in line and 44 Three Chapter take off in order.

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