Coral Reefs of the Eastern Tropical Pacific: Persistence and by Peter W. Glynn, Derek P. Manzello, Ian C. Enochs

By Peter W. Glynn, Derek P. Manzello, Ian C. Enochs

This booklet files and examines the nation of health and wellbeing of coral reefs within the japanese tropical Pacific zone. It touches at the incidence of coral reefs within the waters of surrounding international locations, and it explores their biogeography, biodiversity and relative to the El Niño southern oscillation and human affects. also contained inside of is a box that offers info on a few of the species provided within the previous chapters.

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Three of 14 post-symposium field trips were conducted in coral reef areas on the Pacific side of Panama and in the Galápagos Islands. Since the 1970s, several studies have demonstrated that coral communities in the Gulf of Chiriquí support a high diversity of metazoan taxa. Many of the species in this remote and oceanographically unique region (D’Croz et al. 1991; Macias Mayorga 2002) are undescribed, represent new distributional records or are Indo-Pacific migrants. Representative examples include cnidarian hydrocoral, octocoral and scleractinian species (de Weerdt and Glynn 1991; Glynn and Ault 2000; Breedy and Guzmán 2003; Maté 2003b), polychaete worms (López García et al.

Further, recent surface current studies have demonstrated a strong east to west flow along the Easter/Salas y Gómez corridor suggesting a barrier to recruitment from the west. Vaughan (1906) described the first two coral species collected at Easter Island during the cruise of the Albatross in 1904–1905. This collection and others made in the 1950s and more recently were examined by Wells (1972) who increased the zooxanthellate coral richness to seven species (Glynn and Wellington 1983, see p.

Courtesy of the Allan Hancock Foundation 7 relatively shallow depths. Milleporid hydrocorals are also zooxanthellate. Key: (1) Verrill (1870); (2) Durham (1947); (3) Durham and Barnard (1952); (4) Durham (1966); (5) Cairns et al. (1999); (6) Reyes-Bonilla (2002); (7) Glynn (1972), Porter (1972a); (8) Glynn et al. W. Glynn Fig. 5 Cruise tracks of the Velero III Seventh Expedition (1938) to Central and South America (modified reproduction from Meredith 1939) 1 History of Eastern Pacific Coral Reef Research 9 Fig.

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