Cosmic Consciousness - A Study in the Evolution of the Human by Richard Maurice Bucke

By Richard Maurice Bucke

First released in 1901, this paintings is an research of the improvement of man's mystic relation to the limitless. In reviewing the psychological and religious job of the human race, Dr Bucke postulates that at durations, yes participants have seemed who're talented with the powers of transcendent attention, or illumination. He proposes that those reports are at the elevate and provides info of the entire situations on checklist on the time of writing.

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Immobile, bare, 'tis flowing there. Where it may dwell, whoso can tell, should teach us what its form may be. As a child become, both blind and dumb. Thy own self's aught must turn to naught. Both aught and naught thou must reject, without a trace of image, time, or space. 15 16 Introduction to Part One Go quite astray the pathless way, the desert thou mayst then detect. My soul within, come out, God in! Sink all my aught in God's own naught, sink down in bottomless abyss. Should I flee thee, thou wilt come to me; when self is done, then Thou art won, thou transcendental highest bliss!

Nevertheless, the verdict went against him. The final condemnation, about a year after Eckhart's death, was possibly de­ liberately delayed - doubtless to the archbishop's annoyance - until the heat had died down somewhat, and may have been meant by the pope as a sop to the Franciscans. Eckhart himself, it has been sug­ gested, may never even have known that his case had failed. In any case it is certainly not true, as is sometimes stated, that Eckhart was formally excommunicated. All the same, the condemnation of Eckhart's views as heretical had a fatal effect on his posthumous reputation.

But God is in reality a Unity ( Unum) in which all these things are without distinction. He continually stresses that God is Unity, not one Person: unum non unus. God, or the Godhead, is pure unity and pure being. Therefore there is no true being except in God, and all creatures are, strictly speak­ ing, nothing. Creatures gain their being from God. This is one of the fundamental tenets of Eckhart's teaching. 7 Professor Ueda is one of the few Japanese scholars who know not only Middle High German well but are also well-read in medieval Latin scholastic texts.

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