Coyote Dreams by C.E. Murphy

By C.E. Murphy

A lot of town cannot get up. And extra are napping off every day. rather than strong forces storming Seattle, a extra insidious invasion is going on. such a lot of Joanne Walker's fellow police officers are down with the blue flu—or really the blue sleep. but there is not any actual reason a person can aspect to—and it retains spreading. It should be magical, Joanne figures. yet what is up with the loopy goals that hit her whenever she closes her eyes? Are they being despatched through Coyote, her still-missing spirit consultant? The messages simply usually are not transparent. by some means Joanne has to get up her slumbering acquaintances whereas keeping these nonetheless conscious, work out her inner-spirit dream lifestyles and, yeah, come to phrases with those different desires she's having approximately her boss….

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I crouched to give Erik a sympathetic smile.

M.  I fell out of bed and grabbed for the phone on the way to the floor, fumbling the receiver and putting it to my ear with shaking hands. ” he asked again.  Can you help us? ” Robert was nearly twelve, the quaver in his voice swallowed down in an attempt at adult bravery, but Mommy and Daddy went a long way toward telling me just how scared he was. ” I pulled clothes on as I talked, exhaustion burning my eyes.  I’ll be right there,” I promised again, and hit the door at a run.  Billy and Melinda were doing just that, with four already and a fifth on the way.

Mark touched my arm.  Ew. Spotlights swirled through my eyelids, bursting down from above the dance floor in a rainbow of colors. The beat caught me in the small bones of the ear, rather like my drum did, and I detached from my body.  Not night, not stars, but heavy pressing blackness, the color of sorrow and loneliness. Orange reflected high against that blackness, like city lights glowing against the night, but there was raw intent in this color. From what I’ve tasted of desire whispered through my mind, and I lowered my eyes to the horizons, knowing what I would see.

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