Crusade Against the Grail: The Struggle between the Cathars, by Otto Rahn

By Otto Rahn

The 1st English translation of the publication that finds the Cathar stronghold at Monts?gur to be the repository of the Holy Grail • provides the background of the Papal persecution of the Cathars that lies hidden within the medieval epic Parzival and within the poetry of the troubadours • presents new insights into the lifestyles and loss of life of this proficient and debatable writer campaign opposed to the Grail is the bold ebook that popularized the legend of the Cathars and the Holy Grail. the 1st variation seemed in Germany in 1933 and drew upon Rahn’s account of his explorations of the Pyrenean caves the place the heretical Cathars sect sought safe haven throughout the thirteenth century. through the years the publication has been translated into many languages and exerted a wide effect on such authors as Trevor Ravenscroft and Jean-Michel Angebert, however it hasn't ever seemed in English in the past. a lot as German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann used Homer’s Iliad to find historic Troy, Rahn believed that Wolfram von Eschenbach’s medieval epic Parzival held the keys to the mysteries of the Cathars and the key position of the Holy Grail. Rahn observed Parzival no longer as a piece of fiction, yet as a historic account of the Cathars and the Knights Templar and their guardianship of the Grail, a “stone from the stars.” The campaign that the Vatican led opposed to the Cathars turned a warfare pitting Roma (Rome) opposed to Amor (love), during which the Church triumphed with flame and sword over the natural religion of the Cathars.

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