Desert Habitats by Arnold Ringstad

By Arnold Ringstad

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Lowest? During which season of the year is the air driest inside your home or school? How are dew points related to humidity? 41 Temperature and H ave you been in a greenhouse at a nursery or garden store? Greenhouses are warm and bright inside to make plants grow faster. The glass reflects some of the sun’s heat back into the greenhouse. Earth receives huge amounts of heat from the sun. If Earth kept all that heat, it would be too hot for life. However, without some of the heat, Earth would be too cold for life.

When a substance dissolves (disappears) in water, we say that a solution has formed. For example, sugar dissolves when added to hot tea. The temperature can increase or decrease during a chemical change or during dissolving. If the temperature decreases, the change is said to be endothermic (taking in heat). If the temperature increases, the change is said to be exothermic (giving out heat). Let’s Get Started! 1 Add 100 mL of water to a drinking glass. Measure the temperature of the water. 2 Add two tablespoons of Epsom salts to the water and stir to dissolve the solid.

The final temperature is the temperature of the room, which remains quite constant as long as it is controlled by heating or air conditioning units.

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