Developments in Palygorskite-Sepiolite Research by Arieh Singer, Emilio Galan

By Arieh Singer, Emilio Galan

The purpose of this comprehenvise booklet is to present the most important effects accomplished within the learn of the clay minerals palygorskite and sepiolite. Palygorskite and sepiolite have stumbled on to be invaluable in a massive number of commercial and scientific functions. for that reason, learn on those clays has been intensified over the past twenty years, and important advances of their characterization were made. The e-book includes contributions from exceptional scientists within the field.Comprehensive therapy of palygorskite and sepioliteCutting-edge developments in commercial minerals and applicationsWritten by way of distinctive scientists within the box

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61 A framework oxygen atom to allow for hydrogen bonding. 6. Genetic and Synthesis Relations The occurrences of palygorskite and sepiolite are discussed throughout this volume and are only summarized briefly here for the purposes of discussion below. g. g. g. Singer, 1979; Velde, 1985; Weaver and Beck, 1977) environments. g. g. g. Singer, 1979; Yaalon and Wieder, 1976). Deep-ocean authigenic palygorskite and sepiolite near active ridge zones were described by Bowles et al. (1971). Jones and Gala´n (1988) summarized the occurrences of palygorskite and sepiolite in soils.

Sepiolite Post et al. 46 2. 53 3. 82 4. Palygorskite Chiari et al. 28 5. 64 6. 63 7. 11 Average bond distances (A˚) coctahedron ( ) Oct. thickness (A˚) t ( ) Tet. thickness (A˚) b/2 (A˚)c Average b 1. 085 2. 925 Structures/Microtextures of Palygorskite-Sepiolite Group Species 1 Species Chapter TABLE 2 Powder (Rietveld) Refinements and Derived Structural Parameters. —Cont’d 10 Species Average bond distances (A˚) coctahedron ( ) Oct. thickness (A˚) t ( ) Tet. thickness (A˚) b/2 (A˚)c Average b 3.

The name “palysepioles” was introduced by Ferraris et al. (1998) in reference to a “palysepioles polysomatic series” with the “palysepioles” as members of the palygorskite–sepiolite series, but this name was rejected by the Association Internationale pour l’Etude des Argiles (AIPEA) Nomenclature Committee as unnecessary. 3. Structure of the Palygorskite–Sepiolite Mineral Group and Related Minerals Single-crystal X-ray analyses of palygorskite and sepiolite are not available, but the overall structures have been obtained from powder-data studies.

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