Dictionary of Nautical Words and Terms: 8000 Definitions in by C. W. Bayton, C. W. T. Layton, Peter Clissold

By C. W. Bayton, C. W. T. Layton, Peter Clissold

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Ornamental mounting for carrying ship's bell. Belfast Bow. Name given to raked stem introduced by Harland & Wolff of Belfast. Allows larger forecastle deck without increasing waterline measurements; provides increased forward buoyancy when pitching. Bell. Compulsory fitting in all seagoing ships. Must not be less than 12 in. diameter at mouth, and must be so placed that its sound is not obstructed. Frequent and rapid ringing of bell is required of an anchored vessel in fog. Ship's time is indicated by half-hourly striking of bell.

Backstay Stool. Short timber in which lower, ends of backstays are set up when no room has been allowed for them in the chains. Backwash. Troubled water thrown astern of mechanically propelled vessels, especially paddle steamers. Backwater. Area of a river that is sheltered from main stream and in which there is a very little lateral movement of the water. 2. To back an oar. Baffle Plates. Iron or steel plates fitted in various parts of heating elements of a boiler to prevent radiation of heat, or to protect against corrosion by waste gases.

Generally reckoned from elevated pole through 180° East or West. Azimuth Prism. Alternative name for 'Azimuth Circle' or 'Azimuth Mirror'. Azimuth Tables. Precomputed quantities that give azimuth corresponding to a given time, a given latitude and a known declination. Azores Anticyclone. Atlantic part of a more or less permanent zone of anticyclonic weather that girdles Earth in 30° N approximately. Babcock Erith Stoker 32 Backsplice B Babcock Erith Stoker. Mechanical apparatus for feeding boiler furnaces with coal, and so arranging it that efficient consumption and clean fires were maintained.

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