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This Jurassic proto-bird (dinosaur with basic features of a bird) lived before Archaeopteryx, which flew by flapping its wings. Flight by gliding was probably followed by flapping flight. Feather impressions Archaeopteryx fossil Flight feathers on wing Leading edge Clawed wing finger A BIRD WITH A BEAK Confuciusornis had more features in common with modern birds than do earlier birds, such as Archaeopteryx. Confuciusornis had a horny beak and a pygostyle (a bony tail core formed from fused tail bones).

This suggests that this Late Cretaceous theropod possessed a keen sense of smell. Like a turkey vulture, it could probably scent a dead body lying around half a mile (1 km) away. Some people believe that Tyrannosaurus ate only dead dinosaurs. This meat-eater might have scavenged some of its food, but Tyrannosaurus was probably a hunter-killer as well. Head crest BRIGHT AND COLORFUL Bright colors might have adorned the head crest of Cryolophosaurus (“frozen crested lizard”), a large theropod found in an icy Antarctic mountain.

The front and rear projections of the “double beam” chevron bones would have helped these sauropods to spread the load pressing down on their tails. Chevrons might also have served as tail skids and protected blood vessels in the tail whenever it dragged on the ground, though sauropods usually walked with their tails held high. Tail used as a prop Raised forelimb Supporting hind limb Barosaurus 41 Bony tail spike Terrifying tails TȩȦȵȢȪȭȴȰȧȴȭȰȸȱȭȢȯȵȦȢȵȪȯȨdinosaurs often provided their best defenses.

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