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In the past decade, using geotextiles has elevated considerably in a variety of civil engineering purposes: highway building, coastal engineering, stabilization of slopes and preserving constructions, reinforcement of foundations, drainage and so on. This paintings specializes in the standards which verify the extent of long term functionality of those fabrics corresponding to their mechanical and actual homes and physico-chemical getting older tactics. (It contains contributions to a world seminar held at Saint-Remy-les-Chevreuse, France, in November 1986)

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8 as then the appropriate design values to achieve the required life of structure can be selected directly. However, a difficulty is encountered for the larger values of time as the creep data from tests will rarely be of sufficient duration to correspond to the extended life requirements of 100 years or more for major structures in the United Kingdom. To ensure safe and economic designs it is important that extrapolations of the data are reliable. Estimation of long term creep behaviour for various types of geotextile can be obtained by a method developed by Findley et al.

Separate linear relations will be obtained for each value of tensile load applied in creep tests on a specific material. The values of εo and εt can be determined on the basis of selected pairs of values of ε and t from the instantaneous load relation as follows: Taking three values of time t1, t2 and t3 and the corresponding strains ε1 , ε2 and ε3 where t2=10 t1 and t3=100 t1 then (A) (B) (C) Subtracting (B) from (A) and (C) from (B) after re-arranging gives: 48 Fig. 7 Sherby-Dorn plots for geotextile at constant temperature of 20°C (2a) Note also that for t equal to unity, log t equals zero (2b) Incorporating the values of εo and εt, obtained from Equation (2) into (A), (B) and (C) and re-arranging allows the exponent, n, to be determined.

3. Influence of the polymer Drawn, melt-spun polymers consist of long chain molecules arranged in crystalline regions alternated with amorphous regions (Figure 1) 27 Figure 2. Physical models of molecular chains of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester. Although the short-term stress-strain behaviour is almost exclusively determined by the deformation of the amorphous part, the crystalline part may become important in long-term creep behaviour. Distinct differences between different polymers will then become manifest.

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