Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity: A Global Geometric by Christian Bonatti, Lorenzo J. Díaz, Marcelo Viana

By Christian Bonatti, Lorenzo J. Díaz, Marcelo Viana

In extensive phrases, the objective of dynamics is to explain the long term evolution of structures for which an "infinitesimal" evolution rule, reminiscent of a differential equation or the generation of a map, is understood.

The proposal of uniform hyperbolicity, brought by means of Steve Smale within the early sixties, unified very important advancements and ended in a remarkably profitable conception for a wide classification of structures: uniformly hyperbolic structures frequently show advanced evolution which, however, is now very well understood, either geometrically and statistically.

Another revolution has been happening within the final couple of a long time, as one attempts to construct a world thought for "most" dynamical structures, improving up to attainable of the conclusions of the uniformly hyperbolic case, in nice generality.

This ebook goals to place such contemporary advancements in a unified viewpoint, and to indicate open difficulties and sure instructions for additional development. it truly is aimed toward researchers, either younger and senior, keen to get a brief, but huge, view of this a part of dynamics. major principles, equipment, and effects are mentioned, at variable levels of intensity, with references to the unique works for information and complementary information.

The 12 chapters are organised with the intention to express an international viewpoint of this box, yet they've been stored particularly self sufficient, to permit direct entry to precise themes. The 5 appendices conceal vital complementary fabric.

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4 may be seen as predecessors to results of Pujals, Sambarino [371] about surface diffeomorphisms, that we are going to review in Chapter 5. We sketch their proofs, because ideas from them proved to be fruitful in higher dimensions too. 5 (Mane [280]). Let f be a C2 map of the circle or the interval, and A be an f-invariant compact set containing no critical points of f. Then (a) the periods of the non-hyperbolic periodic points of f in A are bounded above, and all such points are contained in finitely many periodic intervals, restricted to which f is a diffeomorphism (permuting the intervals); (b) if A does not contain any non-hyperbolic periodic point then A is a hyperbolic set, or else A = S1 and f is conjugate to an irrational rotation.

1 Hyperbolicity 15 We call / : M —> M a multimodal map if it has a finite, non-zero number of critical points, all non-flat (finite-order contact). Unimodal means that the critical point is unique. Infinite-modal maps are studied in [338]. 3. The main model of unimodal maps is the quadratic family qa: [0,1] -> [0,1], qa(x) = ax(l-x), where a is a parameter in (0,4]. For all a, the critical point c — 1/2 is quadratic: D2qa(c) ^ 0. g. x H—> 1 — ax2 or x H-» x2 + a. The dynamics of multimodal maps is strongly influenced by the behavior of critical orbits.

Converges to zero. Then any accumulation point of G1^. UG^. belongs to K\ and to K2, and so the intersection is not empty after all. To begin the construction, let G^ be any gap of K1 that intersects K2. Each endpoint of G^ is either outside K2 or in some gap of K2, because we suppose that K\ DK2 is empty. They can not be both outside the convex hull, because K2 is not contained in G^, and they can not be in the same gap of K2, because G^ intersects K2. So, we can always find a gap G\ linked to G^ and such that the component B(y2) is contained in G^ for some endpoint v^ ofGl.

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