Elemental Analysis in Geochemistry: Major Elements A by A. Volborth

By A. Volborth

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The absorbance of the solutions is measured by a spectrophotometer, or estimated visually in a colorimeter by bracketing the unknown solution between solutions of known concentration. In this method the intensity of colors of equal liquid columns is compared instead of known volumes being mixed to achieve a certain color change as in volumetry. In photometric titrations the optical density changes of a solution are measured during titration to detect the endpoint. One selects colorimetric methods for the determination of minor FLAME-PHOTOMETRIC METHODS 49 and trace constituents, and in some cases to determine major constituents (Al, Si, and P), especially in industry.

Of the same element respectively. 0%, which would mean a range of 10% and would not be acceptable unless just a rough estimate was required. m. would be considered by most spectrographers to be fully satisfactory. In no way should these remarks discredit the efforts to expand the range of the methods by scientists working in the field of optical spectrography, nor should it be understood as discrediting in any way, this excellent and well established analytical technique. It must be emphasized that equipment for quantitative spectrographic analysis is costly.

30 PREPARATION A N D DECOMPOSITION OF SAMPLES many cases, however, the dissolved sample is diluted to a specific volume and aliquots of this liquid are used for the different determinations. In this case it is of advantage to have a constant temperature storage or "volumetric room" where all liquids are kept well stoppered. 5. The storage of pulverized decomposed fluxes for X-ray analysis presents also some problems considering that many fluxes are hygroscopic. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the powders in tightly closed bottles.

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