Empires of Flux and Anchor (Soul Rider Series, No 2) by Jack L. Chalker

By Jack L. Chalker

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Finally she turned from the altar and looked out upon them. It was time. " It was a familiar story, but part of the service. "Those who turned their backs upon Her were banished to Hell," she continued, "and the seven gates of Hell were sealed. Those who stood by Her remained in a more perfect Heaven, now purified once more. The rest were condemned as souls to World, to the place She called Forfirbasforten, which means the place of testing. " "The Church is the guardian of all that is good and holy," responded the acolytes in unison.

2 DESTINY'S SAINT It was hard being a saint, not only in being regarded as one by a large mass of people but also, quite literally, being forced to be one. It was a self-inflicted wound that had been compounded more and more over the years, but, as much as she disliked it, she believed more and more in the necessity of it. She sat in her office in the temple of Hope. It wasn't much of an office, really. An old wooden chair whose finish was worn creaked with her every movement, although she was small and thin.

Her body suddenly glowed, and then there was a bright flash and a surge of energy along the string. In an instant she was no longer so far away, but in his great hall, facing him. Up close, she looked no different, only a bit older and more shopworn than he'd first thought. He, on the other hand, presented a more than regal appearance to her, in his flowing white robes, his golden, jewel-encrusted crown, and handsome, bearded face. He was at least two meters tall, and his body was perfectly proportioned and solid muscle.

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