Endgame (Doctor Who) by Terrance Dicks

By Terrance Dicks

Feliks, an acquaintance of the Doctor's, is killed in an coincidence. He leaves the health professional a coded message. With trouble, the healthcare professional decodes the message and reveals himself stuck up in the midst of a perilous, world-threatening clash.

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It was very early, just before dawn. Oskar strode confidently along the empty pavement, the sound of his boots ringing out in the silence. He would visit one of his friends in the Polish underground, Bazyli perhaps or Casimir. He would borrow a little money and leave London, leave the country maybe. With Oskar gone his friend the Doctor, and his secret, would be safe together. Then the black limousine turned the corner and drew up beside him. The engine purred menacingly in the still of the night.

He stepped swiftly past the nurse and flung open the door. A very large man with close-cropped hair and wearing a dark suit was sitting on a chair outside. He was reading a newspaper. At the sight of the Doctor in the doorway he jumped up and stepped back, slipping his right hand inside his jacket. It was an immediate reaction – a practised and rapid routine. 43 ‘Please return to your room, sir,’ the man said. He was polite, but there was no mistaking the threat in his voice. ’ ‘Of course you are,’ said the Doctor amiably.

A far more buttoned-up type than the reckless Guy, Donald too was under enormous strain. It showed itself in increased carelessness and in occasional outbursts of drunken rage. Why did that old fool keep harping on about Guy and Donald? thought Philby angrily. Could he possibly suspect? It was all too possible, he told himself. Despite his bluff old-soldier airs, the Colonel was no fool. And on top of all that there was the Oskar crisis – the real reason for his departure from Washington. Unless the missing documents were found soon – and found by Philby alone – the consequences would be disastrous.

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