Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics by Carol L. Flinders

By Carol L. Flinders

Identified to greater than one million readers because the coauthor of the vintage vegetarian cookbook Laurel's Kitchen, Carol Lee Flinders appears to be like to the starvation of the spirit in Enduring Grace. In those awesome and maintaining depictions of 7 amazing girls, Flinders brings to existence a refrain of knowledge from the prior that speaks with awesome relevance to our modern religious quests.

From Clare of Assisi within the center East to Thérèse of Lisieux within the overdue 19th century, Flinders's compelling and refreshingly casual pictures show a typical starting place of conviction, braveness, and serenity within the lives of those nice eu Catholic mystics. Their surprisingly lady voices enhance their writings at the event of the internal international, the nourishing function of friendship and neighborhood in our lives, and on discovering our precise work.

At its middle, Enduring Grace is a dwelling testomony to how we will make peace with sorrow and sadness and convey pleasure and transcendence into our lives.

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She is propped up in bed, though maybe we should say “on pallet,” lest we suggest even a trace of comfort, and the spinning that normally occupies her is set to one side. ” The year is 1235. Francis of Assisi has been dead for nine years. His friend and foremost disciple, Clare, is abbess of the Poor Ladies at San Damiano, and at least twenty-two other houses of the order look to her 15 16 / Carol Lee Flinders for leadership. Her mother has joined her, as has her sister Agnes. The woman to whom she is writing is another Agnes who is particularly dear to her, though they have never met.

Betrothed as a baby to the son of the duke of Silesia, she had been packed off to the Silesian court to live until she and her intended were grown. She was just three when the young duke died and she was sent back to Prague. Off to Austria next, sometime in her early teens, slated now to marry the son of Emperor Frederick II. Her fiancé jilted her, though, and once again she was back in Prague. Her father would have avenged her with a full-scale war, but Agnes dissuaded him. Fresh offers of marriage came in—one from England’s royal court, another from Frederick II himself, whose wife had since died.

Was Francis, then—source of that “gold so clear and bright”—Clare’s “Brother Sun”? It is hard to think otherwise. Between the two friends, moreover, the barrier of gender had altogether fallen away. “Our beloved Father” (Clare’s way of referring to Francis) had become for Clare her beloved mother as well. We recognize easily the feminine qualities of Francis, but by the same token we observe that Clare, granitelike in her resolve, could behave in ways her culture regarded as masculine. She too, of course, had become “Mother” not only to her own spiritual daughters but to the brothers too, particularly after Francis’s death.

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