English Collocations in Use Intermediate by Michael McCarthy

By Michael McCarthy

English Collocations in Use КНИГИ ; ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ Название: English Collocations in Use Автор: Michael McCarthy, Felicity Odell Издательство: Cambridge college Press Страниц: 158 Формат: PDF Размер: 61.39 Мб (rar) Язык: Английский Описание:Для того, чтобы сказать "Да, я действительно умею говорить по-английски", недостаточно знать грамматику или "много слов", нужно знать, как и в каких сочетаниях их использовать. Перед вами книга для изучающих английский язык уровня Intermediate и выше, в которой особый акцент сделан на словосочетания. При помощи этой книги вы научитесь говорить не "a massive amount", а"a giant amount", не "think concerning the options", а"consider the options", а также сотни других правильных сочетаний слов. Правильные словосочетания сделают ваш английский естественным и натуральным, и вы не будете говорить "get ill", а только"fall ill", и никогда не скажете "a vast fine", когда нужно сказать"a heavy fine". Эта книга также поможет вам избегать типичных ошибок, которые делают практически все изучающие английский, таких как "do a choice", когда нужно говорить"make a choice", или "make your homework", когда правильно будет сказать"do your homework".A strong wisdom of collocations (typical note combos) is key for fluent and natural-sounding English. utilizing collocations will increase your form of written and spoken English, and information of collocations is usually verified in examinations reminiscent of Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS. studying right notice mixtures also will assist you stay away from universal learner error. English Collocations in Use offers and practises thousands of collocations in commonplace contexts. it's excellent for college kids at strong intermediate point and above. utilizing collocations will enhance your sort of written and spoken English: rather than "a immense amount", say"a giant amount"; and rather than "think concerning the options", say"consider the options". utilizing collocations will make your English sound extra typical: rather than "get ill", say"fall ill"; and rather than "a great fine", say"a heavy fine". utilizing collocations might help you stay away from universal learner mistakes: rather than "do a choice", say"make a choice"; and rather than "make your homework", say"do your homework". CONTENTS:Learning approximately collocations:1 what's a collocation?2 discovering, recording and studying collocations3 utilizing your dictionary4 kinds of collocation5 RegisterGrammatical elements of collocations:6 Intensifying and quantifying adverbs7 daily verbs 18 daily verbs 29 daily verbs 3Special points of collocation:10 Synonyms and confusable phrases 111 Synonyms and confusable phrases 212 Metaphor issues: trip and the environment:13 Weather14 Travel15 Countryside16 TownsTopics: humans and relationships:17 humans and character18 humans - actual appearance19 Family20 Relationships21 emotions and psychological statesTopics: rest and lifestyle:22 Houses23 consuming and drinking24 motion pictures and books25 Music26 Sport27 future health and illnessTopics: paintings and study:28 pcs and technology29 examine and learning30 Work31 Business32 educational writing 133 educational writing 2Topics: Society and institutions:34 legislation and punishments35 Crime36 News37 Money38 conflict and peace39 international problemsBasic concepts:40 Time41 Sound42 Distance and size43 gentle and brightness44 Texture45 style and smell46 quantity and quantity47 circulate and speed48 Change49 methods of speaking50 methods of walkingFunctions:51 beginning and finishing52 conversing approximately good fortune and failure53 speaking approximately reason and effect54 Remembering and sensing55 Agreeing and disagreeing56 speaking approximately ideals and opinions57 identifying and choosing58 Claiming and denying59 Liking and disliking60 Praising and criticisingAnswer keyIndex eighty five

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Preparatory to further fieldwork, I undertook library research to find early sources on the language. 5 for a list of publications on South Efate). This research provided background information on the history of the region, and also turned up documents in South Efate including a brief tape recording of 6 two South Efatese men, Kalsei and Kalagis, together with some texts in Arthur €apell's papers written by Pastor Sope, presumably in the 1950s. A page image of these stories is presented in Figure 1: 1.

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