Ethnobiology of Corals and Coral Reefs by Nemer Narchi, Lisa Leimar Price

By Nemer Narchi, Lisa Leimar Price

This e-book explores the ethnobiology of corals through reading some of the ways that people, earlier and current, have exploited and brought care of coral and coralline habitats. This e-book will carry the proficient common viewers towards corals by means of exploring a few of the situations of human-coral coexistence by means of delivering scientifically sound and jargon-free views and studies from around the globe. Corals are an integral part of the marine setting considering the fact that they advertise and maintain marine and worldwide biodiversity whereas supplying a variety of different environmental and cultural prone. numerous necessary coral conservation efforts are released in educational and basic viewers venues every day. notwithstanding proper, few of those stories exhibit an immediate, deeper realizing of the intimate dating among humans and corals through the world’s societies. Ethnobiology of Corals and Coral Reefs establishes an intimate bond among the viewers and the sweetness of corals and their value to humankind.

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Nat Resour 05(10):561–581 Diversitas (2009) What are coral reef services worth? 2 Million Per Hectare, Per Year. htm. Accessed 21 September 2015 Dobbs D (2005) Reef madness: Charles Darwin, Alexander Agassiz, and the meaning of coral, 1st edn. Pantheon, New York Eakin CM, Kleypas J, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2008) Global climate change and coral reefs: rising temperatures, acidification and the need for resilient reefs. In: Wilkinson CR (ed) Status of coral reefs of the world: 2008. Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network and Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, Townsville, QLD FAO (2012) FAO technical guidelines for responsible fisheries.

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