Explosive Loading of Engineering Structures by P.S. Bulson

By P.S. Bulson

This e-book studies the improvement of analysis into the explosive loading of constructions, generally because the starting of the 20th century. significant contributions within the fields of size, research and prediction are mentioned. Dynamic loading from traditional excessive explosives is tested, in addition to the results of liquid propellant, dirt, fuel, vapour, and fuel/air explosions. matters comprise blast in tunnels, underground and underwater explosions, strain dimension and blast stimulation. Explosive results on civil structures, civil bridges, airplane and ships are summarized, together with the estimation of residual power. The concluding passages confer with structural safeguard and reliability.

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The analysis of detonation and shock in free air 13 The results of much interesting research undertaken on behalf of the UK Ministry of Home Security during the Second World War are buried in the archives of the Public Records Office at Kew. 4. The bombs were 4000 lb high capacity with 72% charge weight, 1000 lb medium capacity with 44% charge weight, and 1000 lb General Purpose with 30% charge weight. The same filling, Amatol 60/40 was used for each bomb. 3 Peak overpressure v Scaled range for rectangular, cylindrical and spherical charges (from Stoner and Bleakney, ref.

Taylor used this to calculate the pressure-time relationship for a fixed point in terms of p/p0, and t/t0, where t0 is the time for the shock front to reach that point. By the mid-1950s the electronic computer had begun to transform the analytical work on blast pressures. It was possible to solve detonation problems without recourse to experimental data, because the hydrodynamic equations of motion which lead to non-linear partial differential equations could be integrated numerically in a relatively short time.

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