Expressive Form: A Conceptual Approach to Computational by Kostas Terzidis

By Kostas Terzidis

With the elevated use of pcs, structure has discovered itself in the middle of a plethora of attainable makes use of. This e-book combines theoretical enquiry with useful implementation delivering a different standpoint at the use of pcs with regards to architectureal shape and layout. Notions of exaggeration, hybrid, kinetic, algorithmic, fold and deform are tested from diverse issues of view: old, mathematical, philosophical or severe. Generously illustrated, this publication is a resource of notion for college kids and execs.

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Think of the following newly created words-concepts: edutainment, infomercial, inforum, bikecology, verizon, microsoft, imagineering, etc. An elegant way to do this sort of processing is a technique called a Markov chain algorithm. If we imagine the input as a sequence of overlapping phrases, the algorithm divides each phrase into two parts, a multi-word prefix and a single suffix word that follows the prefix. A Markov chain algorithm emits output phrases by randomly choosing the suffix that follows the prefix, according to the statistics of the original text.

No elements are added or subtracted from the scene. Hybrid design is an alternative to the incremental design approach, which starts with components and builds toward increasing complexity, as, for instance, building blocks. Instead, it starts with complex models or constructs, which get compared and transformed from one into the other. This allows an architect to impose a new condition or configuration on an existing design, create an evolution from one design to another, or explore the implications of contrasting design positions.

6 Because of its accuracy, simplicity, and autonomy, paper-folding can contribute to the generation, analysis, and understanding of complex shapes and diagrams. Furthermore, because of its step-by-step, codifiable, rational, and modular process, paper-folding may be regarded as an algorithmic mechanism for the exploration of formal systems. In that sense, folding and unfolding become encoded processes through the logic of algorithmic computation. Bending is a term used to denote the act of straining or moving out of a straight direction.

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