Extremal Riemann Surfaces: From the Proceedings of the Ams by J. R. Quine, Peter Sarnak

By J. R. Quine, Peter Sarnak

This quantity is an outgrowth of the AMS distinctive consultation on Extremal Riemann Surfaces held on the Joint arithmetic assembly in San Francisco, January 1995. The publication bargains with quite a few extremal difficulties on the topic of Riemann surfaces. a few papers care for the identity of surfaces with longest systole (element of shortest nonzero size) for the size spectrum and the Jacobian. Parallels are interested in classical questions regarding extremal lattices. different papers care for maximizing or minimizing services outlined by way of the spectrum reminiscent of the warmth kernel, the zeta functionality, and the determinant of the Laplacian, a few from the viewpoint of selecting an extremal metric.There are discussions of Hurwitz surfaces and surfaces with huge cyclic teams of automorphisms. additionally mentioned are surfaces that are ordinary applicants for fixing extremal difficulties similar to triangular, modular, and mathematics surfaces, and curves in a variety of staff theoretically outlined curve households. different allied subject matters are theta identities, quadratic classes of Abelian differentials, Teichmuller disks, binary quadratic kinds, and spectral asymptotics of degenerating hyperbolic 3 manifolds. This quantity: comprises papers by way of a number of the most excellent specialists on Riemann surfaces; outlines fascinating connections among Riemann surfaces and parallel fields; follows up on investigations of Sarnak pertaining to connections among the idea of utmost lattices and Jacobians of Riemann surfaces; and, includes papers on numerous themes in relation to Riemann surfaces

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