Finding God When You Don't Believe in God: Searching for a by Jack Erdmann

By Jack Erdmann

This is a chance to eavesdrop on interesting conversations with those who discovered God after they did not really need to and were not even having a look. via a sequence of deeply own interviews with participants from varied walks of existence, the authors behavior a charming discourse on learning a "higher power." The interview topics aren't proselytizers, nor are they inquisitive about evaluating religious states. Their tales are neither tidy nor definitive. What they provide, even if, is a striking, fresh, and eventually pleasurable mosaic at the which means and manifestation of God.

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Finding a Higher Power involves other people, joining them consciously. Probably it comes mostly from giving up. ” You mean it and give up. You wait to see what happens. A counselor I loved named Harry M. ” He treated me like I was his daughter, and I listened to him. When my grandmother was dying last year, my sister and I were with her in her room in the middle of the night. We were both praying she could finally just die; it had been so long and hard for her. She had a fierce will, but finally she did die.

It was right once, wasn’t it? When was that? I could feel it then, but now my brain won’t go there. I came from somewhere and here I am, and it’s dark and cold. The sun will be up in three hours. What should I do till then? Kill the goddamn fear. That’s the thing. Kill the way I am. Creak and groan, and the planet rolls over in the dark. Here I am still, though something is different from the way   Finding God When You Don’t Believe in God it used to be. There’s a sense of the lights in the houses, the few lights, and the web of the human, all of us barely different from each other, trying as hard as we can.

However, something is different. People are born, people die, and for a brief time they’re here and trying as hard as they can with damaged materials and doubtful tools. They’re me. And I pray with them as surely as if I were lost again on the street, making my way through the crowds and astonished at all the eyes shining and moving, looking at me and looking away. ” It’s a great relief. ” I’m not really talking to anyone. It’s a habit I got into when I was very sick and needed help but couldn’t bring myself to ask.

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